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  Trackmagic Racing Karts
Kart Racing Chassis and Components
San Francisco, California

High performance race karts designed and tested on U.S. tracks for U.S. competition. Trackmagic offers a topline kart racing chassis including the new Hornet 125 for shifter karts and the the new Hornet 100 designed to meet the demands of the evolving TaG (Touch and Go) category.

The 2008 Trackmagic Hornet chassis represents the beginning of a new era for Trackmagic. As the first model with new production method for the iconic chassis manufacturer, the Hornet will combine the manufacturing quality and experience with the design and R&D of Trackmagic. FX Racing is excited to have been part of the development of this new chassis through prototype testing over the winter and look forward to using it in competition.



• Long a stalwart of the kart racing community, Alex and Mike Speed have teamed up with Trackmagic to compete at the National Shifter Kart Level. Will Martindale in TaG.